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All my students are winners even if they have not had the opportunity to be involved in a competition

They say the proof is in the pudding. Well, in my case the proof of my teaching success is my student's artwork so on this page I showcase a sampling of just some of the works of art created by my students. Enjoy!


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This fourth grader is very particular with his art projects. Here is his finished watercolor painting. This young little artists wanted to paint a picture for her father's study. We used a photo reference for the cat but she added the glasses and the book. It was done with colored pencils. I love it when students come up with their own creative ideas.
A watercolor Painting of one of my young high school students. The same high school student also painted this young lion with Acrylic paints.
This 6th grader's acrylic painting won BEST OF SHOW in the state competition. This little first grader loves art with a passion and attends Art Camp every year. Here is one of his first acrylic paintings.
The same student above had another BEST OF SHOW when she competed in Junior High. She did this with colored pencils. This Momochromatic Self Portrait was done by a 2nd grader with Charcoal and won BEST Of SHOW in the state Fine Art Competition.



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